Aaron-Beach Productions

P.O. Box 2 Manville RI 02838
401-727-4514 / 401-345-3578 (Mobile) / NA (Fax)

ABP can provide entertainment for any school function from kindergarten to high school. Our High Power Audio and Dance Floor Lighting / Effects can power gymnasiums both large and small. Our lighting system is designed to flood the venue with exciting light patterns to promote a packed dance floor and pure excitement as it follows the music. We ensure that all music is properly screened for language and the use of only "clean radio edits". We ensure age appropriate music is played depending on grade levels and monitor the dance floor for appropriate behavior. We specifically follow the "Do Not Play Lists" that are generated by online sites and that are created by the faculty and staff because we understand how important to play age appropriate music and videos for lyrics and content. We work with all staff members to ensure a fun and successful event while following any directives the school faculty requires.

DJ Name
Chris Bertrand
DJ Company Name
Aaron-Beach Productions
DJ Phone
Black Light Show, Videos, Uplightiing, Dance Floor Lighting, Group Dances
Price Range
510.00, 2029.00
School Dance Experience
Company Size
Solo DJ Operator
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