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For the Students:

Do you remember a time when you ask the DJ for the latest hit track or special remix and hear the classic "Never heard of it" or "Don't have it". This is an example of a DJ that doesn't know music. We KNOW the music because we listen to the music. In order to be hired to work for our company our staff must listen to these hits on a daily basis so your dance turns out the way it's supposed to be: Awesome.

For the School: Why Should We Hire You?

We subscribe to services and get music before it hits the radio. We WILL have your favorite EDM and top chart hits. Squeaky-clean edits ensure great music won't be cut off due to bad language. Shout-outs and live hyping from trained DJs and MCs. Loud Professional speakers and subs. Computer automated light shows. Crowd interaction keeps students dancing. Facebook, Blogs, E-mail, Direct Cell Phone Lines, and Texting ensures your always able to get in touch with us.

We provide you with the following: Guest Song Request System-Allows your guests to request songs before the event. Website: We set you up with a free website that displays all the information for the event as well as links to payment portals for tickets. Facebook Events Page: We design and post an active facebook events page allowing students to interact with each other to find out who is going, upcoming information, examples of what to expect along with the ability to ask their DJ questions and request songs. Posters: Digital PDF posters will be emailed to the event coordinator so they can print them and hang them around the school. The posters act as advertisement for the dance and include QR Codes and website links so students can view our previous work and request songs.

Now that you've read why you should consider hiring us, why not give us a call. We can send a DJ to talk to your committee ASAP! 1.773.332.2861

Our Systems: Package covers up to 4hr Dance

Standard System

Professional DJ & Hypeman (MC) (2) EV EKX 12 Series Wireless Microphone System LED (Sound Active Light Show)

Adrenaline Rush

Professional DJ & Hypeman (MC) (2) EV EKX 12 Series (2) EV EKX 18 Sub Series Wireless Microphone System LED (Sound Active Light Show)

Show Stopper

Professional DJ & Hypeman (MC) (2) EV EKX 12 Series (2) EV EKX 18 Sub Series Wireless Microphone System Single Video Screen for VJ Services Limited DMX Controlled Light Show (Upgradable) Limited Uplighting System

MaXXed Out

Professional DJ & Hypeman (MC) (2) EV EKX 12 Series (2) EV EKX 18 Sub Series Wireless Microphone System Dual Video Screens for VJ Services Full DMX Controlled Light Show Full Uplighting System

Additional Add Ons/Upgrades

Additional Speakers / Subwoofers Haze Generator Low fog/dry ice Bubbles Glow bubbles (Gold or Blue Color) (Reactive to Blacklights) Co2 cannon Confetti cannon Uplighting Systems Under Table Lighting Video DJ Service (with TVs) --- Includes JammText Video DJ Service (with Projector & Screen) --- Includes JammText Additional TVs Projector and Screen Rental Custom School Monograms

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Chicago Superior Entertainment
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