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Caribou, ME 04736, United States

Hi everyone, I'm a full time Professional DJ in Maine. DJing is my passion and my soul career. I am thankful everyday that I am doing something I love.

We have an impressive music selection of over 15 Million songs. All of the music played at my events are legally obtained and licensed for promotional use only.

We only play high quality music files at your event coupled with full bodied, rich sound, insuring that your ears have just as much fun as your dancing feet.

Whether you choose our intimate lighting setup or our full blown club experience, our light show is sure to impress.

We now offer Tent Rentals as well as a Fully Featured 7'x7' Photo Booth with props so that you and your guests can capture the moments and memories of the event. Also as our gift to you we provide you with a digital copy of all the photo booth moments.

Should your event be a family event we can provide fun and interactive activities inflatables so the kids have just as much fun as the adults.

If you have anything requiring music and a good time, from a Middle School Dance to a Prom, Club, Wedding or anything in between. We have you covered.

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DJ NoKlipz
Black Light Show, Dance Floor Lighting, Group Dances
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Solo DJ Operator
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