Tag Team Productions Events

5900 Mello Ave, Las Vegas, NV, United States
1800-898-0162 / 916-501-8909 (Mobile)

Looking for a unique live experience to set the tone for your event? Look no further than Tag Team Productions, a unique, fully staffed and equipped sound and lighting company. We pride ourselves on our distinctive style and vibe. Our aim is to accentuate and elevate your event with the end result being a party everyone will remember. We set ourselves apart from your typical live event crews by offering high quality music, astounding visuals, and entertainment packages with stunning special effects, all being tailored to your event needs and budget. We keep your needs and vision in mind. In an industry that is often filled with a cookie cutter approach to entertainment, we embrace high-end customization to create the experience of your dreams. If you're interested having your party become the event of the year, CALL TODAY. We are at your service.

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