Anti-bullying dance celebration

For one week,  dance instructor Tamika Murrill and her team of dancers launched a campaign to raise awareness about bullying.

The purpose of the week was to teach kids what bullying actually means and how to identify harmful bullying behavior, said Northside guidance counselor Virginia Fox.

“This was something so positive and supportive for our kids that everyone at the school wanted to get involved,” Murrill said.


“People use the word bullying to describe things that are not actual bullying,” Fox said. “If we throw around the word bullying too often, it will become something less serious than it is.”

Bullying is repeated, aggressive behavior where one person holds all of the power. Bullying can cause serious emotional damage and is different from normal peer conflict, Fox said.

After the dance, Murrill said she felt the program was a huge success.

Kick for Kindness is part of a national campaign against bullying started by the National Dance Week Foundation.

What school success can you celebrate!!


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