Bangor Area High School parents attend prom drug and alcohol awareness programs

Prom parents  This school is taking the problem seriously.


High school proms can be a fun highlight for many students, but with the celebration can come the temptation of alcohol or drugs.

Bangor Area High School requires at least one parent of each child attending the junior-senior prom to participate in an alcohol and drug awareness program before the school dance.

Parent must attend a one-hour seminar as part of the Not in Our House program, which has been running since 2010.

Parent can choose from one of four nights, and this year’s speakers include Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli, Lisa Wolff from the Center for Humanistic Change, Jennifer Lively from Recovery Revolution and Andrew J. DeAngelo, a drug and alcohol educator.

Many schools require bag checks and breathalyzers for students attending proms but this program seeks to raise awareness among the parents, who may be hosting parties before or after the prom.

“This gives parents different information they might not know about,” Bangor Area High School Principal Tamara Gary said. “It’s an opportunity to learn about prevention, raise awareness and spark conversation.”

This gives parents different information they might not know about.”

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The program seeks to educate parents about the issues that face youth such as drug, alcohol and tobacco use, in addition to internet safety and cyber bullying.

The feedback has been very positive from parents, according to Bangor Area School District Superintendent Frank DeFelice.



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