Gen Z Prom-Goers Are Most Traditional Teens in Years

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It’s Prom season and  “Yahoo Style” conducted a survey to compare this year’s prom goers to those in the past. And all indications are, they are more socially conservative and traditional.  Here are a few of the findings that support that thesis:

Among the results that point to Gen Z being more traditional than millennials:

  • Among teens heading to their proms, 70 percent are going with a date; that’s compared with 61 percent of adults who are 18 and over.
  • The rate of teens “going to the prom with friends” is just 9 percent — which is lower than it was, at 13 percent, for adults 18 over.
  • Regarding dress styles for girls, high necklines are proving popular with teens — 27 percent of whom opted for them — while just 20 percent of adults 18 and over chose high necklines.
  • Of the Gen Z teens, only 35 percent say they support a gender non-binary prom court or a transgender prom king or queen. That number jumps to 42 percent for millennial adults age 18 to 34.

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