Odd Couples Dance- a prelude to prom season

How about this for a new idea?  Would it work at your school?

The 15th annual Odd Couples Dance is essentially a spin on the traditional high school dance, however,  mothers attend the event with their sons, while fathers attend with their daughters. Thus….ODD COUPLES!


2015 Odd Couples Candid Moments (412)

Prom may still be a number of weeks away, but Indian Hill parents are already gearing up for the annual Odd Couples Dance.

The dance kicks off prom season for juniors and seniors, said Kathy Saba, who along with Robin Schwanekamp, is a co-chairwoman of the event.

“This is such a fun event and so important,” said Saba, who has attended the event with her son.

Last year’s Odd Couples Dance raised about $5,000 for the After Prom.

The theme for this year’s Odd Couples Dance is “Road Trip” and the cafeteria, where the event will be held, will be decorated accordingly.

It’s about “making memories that last a lifetime,” Saba said.

The deejay for the dance, which is semi-formal, will be radio personality Jim LaBarbara.

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