“Promposals”, Priceless?

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 10.57.29 AM  According to a recent study by Visa, the average American teen now spends $324 on over-the-top “promposals”. That’s one-third of the total money spent on prom — $919 — for tickets, attire, hair styles and transportation.
Are “promposals” harmless fun or do they create added stress for students, already frazzled by school work, college applications and acceptance process?  Some schools across the nation have even banned these distractions from taking place at school, in hallways and cafeterias. However, one father of two sons, ages 20 and 16, thinks the fad is fantastic, “It’s fine to have a     new, exciting, fun twist that a generation came up with on their own.”

Here is a “promposal” that didn’t cost cash, but hundreds of hours of preparation over 5 months.  Gotta love the creativity.  This “tube” video is a little long, but entertaining. Take a look.


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