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Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 1.45.41 PMThis has been one of the most frustrating projects for me. Can I tell you the quick version of the story?
I launched the School Dance Network website about 5 years ago. It was a DIY website designed to provide updated information to schools regarding lyrical content of current dance music. Big hit. Schools loved the ease of access to information and we grateful for our relieving them from hours of music research. We were compiling a listSafe songs, and do-no-play songs for school dances. Schools confirmed in big numbers that the information was excellent…but (then they asked) how would they know which DJs in their area would know and honor safe songs and eliminate the bad ones. We decided to open up the website to DJs who were sensitive to the lyrical issues by providing a directory listing of responsible DJs.


Scrap my homemade website and allow Responsible DJs access to our content, build a directory listing on line for school administrators and identify “clean” DJ’s with a certification. Big hit. The problem then became posting all of the content on line did not allow our DJ members exclusive access to our “Safe Songs” and DO NOT PLAY list. So, we introduced a new way to distribute content…direct to school administrators and member DJs by delivering it direct to their IN-BOX via e-mail.

With the huge response and large number of schools and DJs as fans, we decided last October to upgrade the website to improve on the look, content and ease of sign up. We wanted it to allow DJs to offer up more information about their services in the directory, and also allow members to sign up using Credit Cards instead of just pay pal. It has been since last October that there have been non-stop frustration, stalls, delays and disappointments. What was suppose to take 60 days has taken 6 months. Regretfully all the bugs are still not worked out, but it’s close enough that I decided to pull the trigger and let this thing fly.

A marketing friend once told me…sometime you gotta go with his motto…..READY. FIRE. AIM. So we’ve fired…now the pressure is on to dial it in and make it a great source of information for schools and DJs.

One thing is not changing: the exclusive content will only be available to school subscribers and DJ members and will be sent via e mail to them directly. So for schools, you can expect a new TOP 30 Safe Songs list in your mail box every Monday, and a DO NOT PLAY list update every Wednesday. For paid DJ members you get those e mails plus we will send out a bonus email on Fridays, with performance, marketing and sound gear updates that should make your cost of membership well worth the nominal annual fee.

More coming as we continue refining and updating. Thanks in advance for your loyalty and patience.

Ric Hansen

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