The “Black Beatles” story

raeThe Mannequin Challenge is the hottest viral video challenge on the internet.  Millions have created a mannequin moment with friends, co-workers, school mates. Some daring DJs and bands have tried to create a freeze frame dance event.  How cool is this group freeze moment with a live band:




How did Rae Sremmurd’s “Black Beatles” Became The Soundtrack to the Mannequin Challenge?

With some help from Interscope and Pizzaslime, Rae Sremmurd had a viral moment and landed the No. 1 song in the country. When the challenge started, there was no music associated with it, but as more and more people started uploading videos of themselves frozen in place, “Black Beatles” became the unofficial soundtrack. If you weren’t playing the song during your challenge, you weren’t doing it right.

The problem for school dances is, even with the cleaned up version of the song, there are still a few mostly drug references that make it tough for administrators to tolerate.  Some of the objectionable lyrics are:

“Smoke in the air, binge drinkin'”
“we blowin’ reefer”
“I’ve been blowin’ OG Kush” (Ocean grown marijuana)
“pound of weed, and a kilo”
“I’m tryna kill these haters”

Here is the cleanest version provided by Prime Cuts Music.  Some DJ’s with good editing skills may find a way to further edit the drug references out of the song.

“Black Beatles”- Rae Sremmurd and  Gucci Mane



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