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Here is a group that is pro-actively making a difference in SE Michigan.  Jamie Shedlowsky Nicholson heads up the project and fills us in on what they are doing.  Check out the video below.

“The Dance Project,  is a joint effort between students and parents to promote fun dancing, self-respect, and leadership -​
for purity, freedom and glory.
​The Dance Project is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, consisting of students, parents & community members who plan and participate in events in order to teach students swing dancing to popular music. What sets us apart is our outreach programming, equipping students to become leaders in their schools and communities. 

Dance Project dances are hosted in different schools and community facilities and provide a safe environment for teens to dance and have fun.  The Dance Project members reach out to schools teaching students basic swing dance steps to music they already enjoy. The style is easy to learn, energetic, and utterly enjoyable which makes it contagious! Students enthusiastically teach one another and can’t wait to invite others. We are ready to provide ideas and alternatives to any parent, any administrator, and anyone who is concerned.

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