The Prom Dress conundrum

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 8.35.50 AM   Showing up in a prom dress that doesn’t meet the dress code has been a horrifying moment for young ladies who are sent home from the prom. It’s happened several times this year….and made the television news.  We’ve posted about it before.  Now one school hopes they have figured out a way to avoid that devastating occurrence by requiring “pre-    approval” of the prom dress prior to the big night. Delone Catholic High School in Pennsylvania is requiring girls to submit pictures of their dress ahead of time, so that changes or alterations can be made prior to the prom.

Of course this has made big (television) news with parents and students lining up to either support or object to the school’s dress code requirements and pre approval policy.  Where do you stand on this critical (?) issue??

Check out the news story:

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